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What should you consider when choosing us?

Our teaching philosophy. We believe in success for your child through an enriched, experienced curriculum. X-Cel Gymnastics has been in business for over 29 years. We have developed our classes around a detailed system of progressions which enables each athlete to feel success at every level. This progression method teaches skills that build upon core fundamentals to ensure a safe and exciting atmosphere while demonstrating incremental achievement. By enrolling in classes at X-Cel, your children will not only gain greater physical abilities, but also learn leadership, confidence and teamwork.

Our staff is educated and certified. X-Cel staff members are CPR and First Aid certified. All coaches undergo extensive and ongoing background checks, professional development and safety certification through the United States of America Gymnastics (USAG) association. Above and beyond the national certifications, X-Cel implements internal coaching and spotting development programs designed to improve the safety and effectiveness of coaching techniques.

We maintain a clean and safe facility. At X-Cel, we are committed to provide a fun and safe learning environment. We have two facilities with over 20,000 cumulative square feet of area for your athlete! We clean the facility daily and conduct weekly safety inspection of equipment. At X-Cel, safety is our highest priority. 

Open viewing areas. We have an open viewing policy at X-Cel. We encourage you to watch your child as he or she learns how to move his/her body through tumbling, climbing, and working on the different apparatus. While you do not need to stay during class, we ask that you arrive in time before the end of class to pick up your child at its conclusion. You will have the opportunity to hear about how the class went, as well as learn about upcoming events at X-Cel!


Gymnastics builds strong bodies and minds.

Gymnastics builds self confidence and self discipline.

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