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CO-ed Recreational tumbling

1st grade - 18 years

Intro to Back Handspring

Back Handspring

Back Handspring Series

Flip & Twist

Teen Tumble

X-Cel's co-ed tumbling program offers a comprehensive range of classes tailored for all students in 1st grade and older who seek to focus solely on tumbling skills (floor & trampoline only), and includes class levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced tumblers. 

These classes also serve well as supplementary classes along with an all-around gymnastics class to progress floor/tumbling skills or to refine skills learned in other classes.

Our tumbling levels consist of: Intro to Back Handspring, Back Handspring, Back Handspring Series, and Flip & Twist classes. We also offer a teen tumbling class for children 11+ years at any level.

Intro to Back Handspring (Co-ed, 1st Grade & Older)

*No Evaluation Required

*Skill Prerequisites: None

This beginner tumbling class provides an exclusive focus on tumbling and trampoline skills. Participants will engage in foundational drills for various skills including back and front walkovers, cartwheels, and handstands. Emphasis is placed on conditioning, body positioning, and safety, making it an ideal starting point for beginners with little or no prior tumbling experience.


Back Handspring (Co-ed, 1st Grade & Older)

*Evaluation or Instructor Recommendation Required to Register for Back Handspring

*Skill Prerequisite: Standing Backbend Kickover

This class requires children to have mastered his/her standing backbend kickover. This class continues to develop tumbling skills with a focus on mastering back and front handsprings, as well as side and front aerials. Participants will also work on round-off back handsprings and will work towards beginner tumbling passes, accompanied by conditioning exercises and safety drills. Enrollment in this level requires an evaluation or recommendation for the Back Handspring level.


Back Handspring Series (Co-ed, 1st Grade & Older)

*Evaluation or Instructor Recommendation Required to Register for Back Handspring Series

*Skill Prerequisite: Standing Back Handspring on Floor Without Spot

This class emphasizes the ability to connect three consecutive back handsprings, along with mastering round-off back handspring series and aerials. Intermediate conditioning and safety drills are incorporated, with a prerequisite of a solid back handspring on the floor before enrollment. An evaluation or instructor recommendation for the Back Handspring Series level is required.


Flip & Twist (Co-ed, 1st Grade & Older)

*Evaluation or Instructor Recommendation Required to Register for Flip & Twist

*Skill Prerequisite: 3 Connecting Back Handsprings

This advanced tumbling class focuses on mastering complex tumbling skills as well as connecting those skills in tumbling passes. Participants will work towards achieving tucks, layouts, and fulls, supported by advanced conditioning, body positioning, and safety drills. Enrollment in this class requires a prerequisite of three consecutive back handsprings, along with a recommendation at the Flip & Twist level.


Teen Tumble (Co-ed)

*No Evaluation Required

*Must be 11 Years or Older to Register for Teen Tumble

*Skill Prerequisites: None

This class is tailored for girls and boys ages 11 and older, offering gymnastics training focused on the fundamentals of tumbling at any level. Attention is given to proper body shapes, correct form, and building strength and flexibility. Classes rotating between floor and trampoline, and skills are broken down into small progressions to build success and self-confidence. Perfect for those in cheer or other sports, this class serves as a great building block, enhancing core strength, flexibility, and confidence. It can also be used as an add-on class for all-around gymnastics. No previous tumbling or gymnastics experience is required to enroll.

New to X-Cel or uncertain about the appropriate level placement?


All children will need an evaluation for level placement if new to X-Cel or if they have not attended X-Cel in the last 12 months (Only beginner level Intro to Back Handspring may enroll without an evaluation). Please call us at 724-772-0055 to schedule a 10-15 minute evaluation (free of charge).



Once enrolled, level placement is established by instructor recommendations based on required skills for each level. For children who have been evaluated or students who have received a level recommendation for the upcoming registration period, please use the link to visit the Parent Portal to see class availability or enroll.

To view the full schedule of classes, pricing, sessions, or additional information, please use the link below to be directed to the Forms tab of this site and choose a schedule to view.



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