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Joining a winning team. X-Cel has a long history of success because of our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Every staff member plays a critical role in maintaining a safe and successful environment for the athletes.

Continuing Education. We are dedicated to teaching. This includes a focus on details, perfecting form and building on a progression of solid core skills within a safe environment. We succeed because we continuously help each other to become better. By joining X-Cel, we make an investment in you by providing safety certifications and sponsor your USAG accreditation with continuing education.

Flexible Hours. We typically have a wide range of classes and availability for coaches with specific schedule constraints. Please let us know what your constraints are and we'll do our best to design a schedule that fits your needs.

Additional Benefits. X-Cel offers a number of benefits packages to both full and part time staff including retirement plans, health benefits, class/team discounts and merchandise discounts. 

As a first step, please let us know that you are interested by submitting the following form. We will follow up with you directly!

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