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Our preschool gymnastics program at X-Cel Gymnastics caters to children aged 18 months through Kindergarten. It revolves around fostering the development of each child, recognizing movement as the cornerstone of learning. We believe that engaging in various movement activities not only enhances physical abilities but also forms crucial neuropathways that contribute to overall brain and body development.

Through creative exercises, children are encouraged to rely on their senses, fostering total body awareness and boosting self-confidence. Our classes prioritize the refinement of motor skills, coordination, strength, and flexibility. This comprehensive approach aims to positively impact various facets of a child's development, including the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social aspects.

In our classes, we go beyond traditional gymnastics exercises to make learning enjoyable and stimulating by creating an environment that not only helps children reach essential developmental milestones but also prepares them for the challenges of preschool and beyond. X-Cel Gymnastics is dedicated to building a foundation for a strong body and mind through a curriculum that is both fun and  engaging.

Our Preschool Program:

Bouncing Bugs (18 months-3 years)

Rolling Roly-Poly  (3 years by September 1st, 2023)

Jumping Jitterbugs (4 years by September 1st, 2023)

Dynamic Dragonflies (Kindergarten in Fall 2023)

Preschool gymnastics classes are designed to be co-ed and organized according to age. This structure enables children to learn various age-specific skills alongside their peers. Keep scrolling to explore more about the distinctive features of each preschool gymnastics level.

Bouncing Bugs (40 Minutes)

Parent/Infant Gymnastics Class

Ages 18 months to 3-1/2 Years

Bouncing Bugs begins with circle time and our "hello song" which indicates to the child that class is ready to begin. A warm-up follows which includes stretching and aerobic activity set to music that is geared towards the child's limited attention span at that age. Warm-up is gradually increased as the class progresses throughout the year. The instructor will explain a number of stations in a "circuit" which introduces various gymnastic skills to the child. It also enables the parent to work with their child on loco motor skills, strength building, eye-hand coordination as well as social skills, learning to take turns and follow directions. The teacher will instruct the parents as to proper techniques of each skill and how to correctly assist your child. This class also ends with our "goodbye song" to indicate class is over. These songs help the children understand the concept of beginning and ending with positive feelings.

Rolling Roly-Poly (50 Minutes)

3 years by September 1st, 2023

This class is geared to 3 and 4-year-olds and allows the child to participate without parental involvement. The instructor initiates the session with a warm-up involving stretching and movement to music, and then progresses class to work on positions and strength building. The equipment for our Rolling Roly-Poly's includes beam, bars, trampoline, as well as climbing and floor circuits to introduce various gymnastics skills. With the small student teacher ratios, your child will receive ample personal attention from the instructor, and waiting for turns on the equipment will be minimal. In cases of "separation anxiety" or difficulty following directions and staying with the group, the instructor may recommend a Bouncing Bugs class.

Jumping Jitterbugs (50 Minutes)

4 years by September 1st, 2023

Students begin this class with a general warm-up accompanied by upbeat music, engaging in strength and flexibility exercises. Following this, they are introduced to more advanced gymnastics skills aimed at enhancing technique and form. The teacher tailors instruction to each child's ability level. Scaled-down gymnastics equipment is utilized to accommodate the children's age, including the tumbling floor (for rolls, cartwheels, handstand & headstand progressions), kip/uneven bars, balance beams, vault, and trampoline. Our Jumping Jitterbugs program offers enjoyable themes and lesson plans!

Dynamic Dragonflies (60 Minutes)

Must be in Kindergarten during Fall 2023

This program is designed for children currently enrolled in Kindergarten, with sessions available in the morning, afternoon, and select evenings for those attending all-day kindergarten. Our Dynamic Dragonflies focus on refining technique and form, tailoring the class to each child's unique strengths and weaknesses. Each class begins with a 10-minute warm-up that incorporates aerobic activities, strength, and flexibility exercises. Rotations through different stations allow your child to work on a progression of skills on each event. At the year-end assessment, their acquired skills will be evaluated, and recommendations for placement in the recreational program will be made.

To view the full schedule of classes, pricing, sessions, or additional information, please use the link below to be directed to the Forms tab of this site and choose a schedule to view.

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