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UPDATE: Time's up! Did you guess this month's preschool theme?

Eeeek!!! We are insanely EXCITED about this month's preschool theme...just in time for Halloween! We've been experimenting for some time with some explosive ideas, and we think you'll go mad over this one! It's genius! And our staff has been researching, planning and decorating day-in and day-out to make every element perfect! Can you make any observations about what the theme could be using the purple hint words and the image from this post???

Time's up...and I bet you guessed it already! The theme for this month is MAD SCIENTIST! Make sure that if you haven't already, that you come check out X-Cel Laboratories at our North location to see our monster and robot making machines, 2020 Black Hole time machine, a decontamination zone, plenty of slime, science and fun!


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