The philosophy of preschool gymnastics education is based on the development of the total child.  Movement is the foundation of all learning and creates neuropathways to further build and develop the brain and body.  These movement activities therefore affect all aspects of the child’s development including physical, emotional, intellectual, and social learning.

Creative exercises help children use their senses to guide every action, build total body awareness and improve self-confidence.  While doing this we will focus on motor skills, co-ordination, strength and flexibility thus enhancing the opportunity to reach critical developmental milestones and help prepare young students for preschool and beyond. 

X-Cel will build opportunities for a strong body and mind through a fun and creative gymnastics curriculum.


Beginning with the youngest ages from 12 months - 18 months, we begin with the Baby Love Bugs. This class progresses into Bouncing Bugs from 18 months to 3 1/2 years. Then it is off to the Rolling Roly-Polys for ages 3 - 4. The Jumping Jitterbugs are our 4 - 5 year olds. And we round out the progression with the Dynamic Dragonflies who are the kindergarten age group.