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1st grade - 18 years

1 - 7

All children in 1st grade or older must be scheduled for an appointment
for a free evaluation!

Please use the link below to enroll in class once your child has been evaluated and has received a level recommendation.

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Boys love these classes! Gymnastics is great for developing strength and flexibility. Our recreational boys classes not only help to set a strong foundation for other sport endeavors, but also enhance the performance in other sports. It is a great conditioning program during the off season! The equipment used in this program includes the horizontal bar, the pommel horse, the vault, and the rings. Through this program, boys will gain manual dexterity and precision. They will develop core strength, rhythm and timing. Boys will love the speed, agility and power they will feel after completing this program of strength and control.

Boys Level 1
This is a beginner class for boys. Our focus is to create a fun atmosphere while teaching them the basic safety procedures and fundamental skills of the sport.  Basic body positions are a large focus of class sessions as well as basic skills such as cartwheels, forward rolls, and front supports. The main events we focus on in level 1 include: vault, bars, and floor. Students will also use the trampoline and will begin getting exposure to the parallel bars, pommel horse, and rings.


Boys Level 2
In level 2 the focus is on mastering the fundamental skills and body positions of the sport. It is our mission to make the gym a fun place for growth and development. A small portion of every class is dedicated to building strength and working on flexibility. Most progress will be seen on Floor Exercise and Bars as they are the two events that help build on all the others.  Students will also spend more time working on the Parallel Bars, Rings, and Pommel Horse. Skills that are focused on include casting, pull-overs, cartwheels, and backward rolls.


Boys Level 3/4
Boys level 3/4 encourages students to challenge themselves as they build their strength. We create a fun atmosphere but also expect students at this level to be focused on improvement and growth. More emphasis is placed on strength and flexibility and the students should have all the basic skills, body positions, and gym safety procedures mastered. The boys will work on Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars, Vault and High Bar. They will also practice skills using the trampoline. Skills that are worked on include: round-offs, mushroom circles, pullovers, and beginning back handsprings.


Boys Level 5/6
Boys level 5/6 students should have all the body positions and basic skills mastered. Our goal is to continue the fun and upbeat pace while also focusing on becoming a well-rounded, dedicated, and strong gymnast. A portion of each class is dedicated to strength, conditioning, and flexibility. The boys will work on all events. Skills that are worked on include: round offs, back handsprings, front handsprings, casting, kips, back hip circles, and multiple mushroom circles.

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