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School Year classes start in August and automatically continue through June. Enroll before May.

Summer class enrollment

is separate from School Year enrollment.

You may Transfer to other open classes at any time. 

You may cancel  before the next Billing Session begins.

Returns & Exchanges

Purchased clothing, such as Leotards, can be returned or exchanged if they have the tag still on the garment and the receipt.

Clothing can be tried on in restrooms, over undergarments, to ensure proper size,

fit, & comfort.

Privacy Policy

All information will be kept private, we do not sell or share your contact information with outside sources.

If another party asks questions about you or your student, we will not share any private information without your consent.


The email in your account must be subscribed to receive emails from us. If it is unsubscribed, you will not receive any emails regarding open enrollment, new classes, waitlist openings, or special events.

Note: Emailed financial statements or receipts work independently from the email subscription, so you will receive these if unsubscribed.

Enrollment Charges
Returns & Exchanges
Email Subscription
Privacy Policy
Billing Session Dates


2023-2024 Tuition Rates

40 Minute Class $65.00

50 Minute Class $80.00

60 Minute Class $86.00

75 Minute Class $102.00

90 Minute Class $115.00

Yearly Fall Membership Fees

Returning Student $30.00

New Student $35.00

Family Membership Fee $55.00

(for families with 2 or more students)

Tuition for the first session along with the membership fee is due at the time of registration.


Fees are paid in full at enrollment.

These fees may include remaining classes in the current session

or the full amount of the next session plus membership fees.

Team enrollments will also include

other team fees. 

Monthly Automated Tuition Payment

  • Your tuition is automatically paid on the 7th of each month, after the enrollment payment.

  • All accounts are required to have auto pay information on file.

  • You may pay in advance through the parent portal at, or in person at the front desk.

  • All unpaid balances will be auto paid on the 7th of each month.

Billing Sessions

Session 1: Aug. 21 – Sept. 16

Session 2: Sept. 18 – Oct. 14

Session 3: Oct. 16 – Nov. 11 

Session 4: Nov. 13 – Dec. 9

Session 5: Dec. 11 – Jan. 13

Session 6: Jan. 15 - Feb. 10

Session 7: Feb. 12 - Mar 9

Session 8: Mar 11 - Apr. 6

Session 9: Apr. 8 – May 4

Session 10: May 6 – June 1

Summer Session



We Suggest

1. If all of the classes in the level

you want to enroll your student in are full... 

We suggest joining every waitlist that works for your schedule. This will give you the best chance of being called or emailed ASAP.

2. When we call to enroll you for an opening, you can take the open spot and also remain on other waitlists while you wait for your favorite time to become available.

3. If all classes in your level are full, we suggest signing up for a lower level or a different kind of class and we can transfer you once your level becomes available.

Our Procedure

When a spot becomes available in a an existing class, we call through the waitlist in order of when a student was added to the waitlist.


When we add a new class, we call through the waitlists of other classes scheduled for the same or similar times. If the class is not filled this way, we will then email all families on the waitlists for that class level to let them know there is a new class available, and then make it public.

If we do not reach you by phone, we will hold the spot for 24 hours before calling the next family on the waitlist.

It's Your Turn!

When we call you with an opening in a class you are waiting for...


If there is no answer we will leave a voicemail and also email you about the opening.

If your voicemail is full, we will email you.

Note: Please make sure the primary phone number and email address on your account are up-to-date, correct, and subscribed - since we will use the primary contact information.



Schedule In-Person or over the Phone

Make-up Class Information:

  • Make-ups may be scheduled with the front office.

  • Make-ups must be used during the same part of the year as the missed class.

(August-December, January-June, or Summer)

  • Make-ups should be scheduled AFTER the class has already been missed.

  • If we are closed due to a holiday or weather (on a date included in the class tuition), you will receive an additional make-up.

  • There are exceptions, please call us at 724-772-0055 with any questions.

During The Fall 

(August - December)

  • 2 make-ups are available per class per student

  • Each class has room for one make-up student

  • Bouncing Bugs Classes have unlimited make-ups

During The Spring

(January - June)

  • 2 make-ups are available per class per student

  • Each class has room for one make-up student

  • Bouncing Bugs Classes have unlimited make-ups

During The Summer

(June - August)

  • 3 make-ups are available per class per student

  • Each class has room for two make-up students

  • Bouncing Bugs Classes have unlimited make-ups

Transfers & Cancels

Transfers & Cancels


  • Students can Transfer to another class, in their level, that has an opening at any time.

  • Transfers must be during the the same time of year (School Year, or Summer)

  • Transfers are for the same student and can not be shared among family members or friends. 

  • Transfers can be done online in the Parent Portal, over the phone, or in-person.

  • Students my also transfer to a different kind of class (like from a level to a tumbling).


  • Cancel any class before the next billing session begins.

  • If payment has already been made for the next session, it will be refunded in full if the Cancelation occurs before the session begins.

  • If the Cancelation occurs after the session begins, there will not be a refund as we do not prorate. The autopayment will stop and the last day of the students class will be set to the last day of the current billing session.

Birthday Parties

  • $50.00 Non-Refundable Deposit

  • $25.00 OFF for Current Students

  • Package Prices billed as ordered if less children than expected attend.

  • Package Prices will be billed at the higher price if more children than expected attend.

Member Benefits

Member Benefits:
• $25.00 OFF on a Birthday Parties
• Discount: 10% off additional 
classes (after the first class)
  for Students & Families
• $25.00 credit for referring new students to X-Cel
• Private Lesson Eligibility!

Birthday Parties
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