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Policies & Procedures

Enrollment CHARGES

Fees are paid in full at enrollment.

These fees may include remaining classes in the current session or the full amount of the next session plus membership fees.

Team enrollments will also include

other team fees. 

Returns & Exchanges

Purchased clothing, such as Leotards, must have the tag still on the garment and the receipt in order to be returned or exchanged.

Clothing can be tried on in restrooms, over undergarments, to ensure proper size, fit, & comfort.

Privacy Policy

All information will be kept private, we do not sell or share your contact information with outside sources.


The primary email in your account must be subscribed to receive emails from us. If it is unsubscribed, you will not receive any emails regarding open enrollment, new classes, or any special events.

Note: Emailed financial statements or receipts work independently from the email subscription, so you will receive these if unsubscribed.



We Suggest

If all of the classes in the level you want to enroll your student in are full, we suggest joining every waitlist that works for your schedule. This will give you the best chance of being called.

When we call to enroll you for an opening, you can remain on other waitlists while you wait for your favorite time to become available.

Our Procedure

When a spot becomes available in a an existing class, we call through the waitlist in order of when a student was added to the waitlist.

When we add a new class, we call through the waitlists of other classes scheduled for the same or similar times. If the class is not filled this way, we will then email all families on the waitlists for that class level to let them know there is a new class available.

It's Your Turn!

When we call you with an opening in a class you are waiting for...

If there is no answer we will leave a voicemail and also email you about the opening.

If your voicemail is full, we will email you.

Note: Please make sure the primary phone number and email address on your account are up-to-date and correct, as we will use the primary contact information.



Schedule In-Person or over the Phone

Make-up Class Information:

  • Make-ups must be scheduled with the front office.

  • Make-ups must be used during the same semester as the missed class.

  • Make-ups should be scheduled after the class has already been missed.

  • If we are closed due to a holiday or weather on a date included in the class calendar, you will receive an additional make-up.

  • There are exceptions to every rule, please call us with any questions.

During The Fall '22 Semester

(August - December)

  • 2 make-ups are available per class per student

  • Each class has room for one make-up student

During The Spring '23 Semester

(January - June)

  • 2 make-ups are available per class per student

  • Each class has room for one make-up student

During The Summer '22 Semester

(June - August)

  • 3 make-ups are available per class per student

  • Each class has room for two make-up students