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X-Cel Parent

Information & Expectations on COVID

Please keep student home if:

  • He/she has developed a cough.

  • He/she is experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

  • He/she is experiencing fatigue.

  • He/she is experiencing body aches that cannot be explained by workout.

  • He/she is experiencing a loss of taste or smell.

  • He/she has a temperature of 100.4 or higher.

          (Please wait to return when fever free for 24 hours without using fever reducing medication.)

  • He/she has vomited within the past 24 hours.

         (Please wait to return until free from vomiting for at least 24 hours.)

  • He/she has had diarrhea within the past 24 hours.

         (Please wait to return until free from diarrhea for at least 24 hours.)

  • He/she has a body rash with itching or fever.

         (Please wait to return until free from rash, itching or fever and/or are evaluated by doctor, if needed.)

  • He/she has head lice.

         (Please wait to return until treated with appropriate lice treatment.)

  • He/she has an eye infection.

         (Please wait to return until evaluated by your doctor and on prescribed medication for 24 hours.)

  • He/she has been in the hospital/ER visit.

         (Please wait to return until released by medical provider.)

Student will be asked to leave class if experiencing any of the above symptoms.

Entrance into the Gym Procedure

  • Please arrive for class no more than 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. 

  • You may either park and walk your student to the front entrance for class or utilize the drop off zone right outside the front entrance of either Main or North.  If dropping off, please wait for your child to enter the building before pulling away.  Typically, a member of our staff is available to help guide students into class as well.

  • Send your child in wearing shoes, leotard/gymnastics attire and MASK (have athlete leave all unnecessary items in your car) and with a personal water bottle and hand sanitizer (labeled with your child’s name).

  • Please have your child’s hair pulled up in a tight-fitting ponytail before they arrive.

  • You may then park and enter into the viewing area (still only 1 parent/guardian per student and no siblings as seating is very limited, if you choose to watch class.

  • Your child will enter into the building, place shoes in cubby, then enter onto the gym floor with his/her water bottle, mask and personal hand sanitizer.

  • Once on the floor, your child will find an "X" and wait for class to begin. 

  • Students will now wear masks for the duration of the class except for students who are unable to do so due to a medical condition.

Parent Observation

  • Masks are still required while inside of the buildings.  If you have forgotten one, we do have disposable masks available at the front desk.  We ask that if you do not wish to wear one that you wait for your child right outside of the building.

  • We have designated and socially distanced standing/sitting marks in all viewing areas, 6 ft. apart.

  • We can only allow 1 parent or guardian per student in the building and no siblings/non-participating children.  We currently have only 5-7 seats per viewing area, this does not allow us to accommodate families at this time.  In recent weeks, we have made exceptions to the above guideline, space permitting, with the stipulation that if a sibling must be in attendance, they must sit with parent as to not take an additional seat in the viewing area.  He/she may not roam around the lobby or play on equipment.  Additionally, if a stroller must be brought into the building, it may not be brought into any of the viewing areas as it invades the 6ft distance between seating.  Strollers must stay parked in the general lobby area.

  • No eating or drinking in the lobbies or viewing areas until further notice.  You are welcomed to utilize the birthday party room space for snacking, if needed, as it is an isolated area in which we can sanitize after use.

  • If for some reason there is not a spot available for viewing, we ask that you rotate with the other parents or wait in your vehicle.

  • Why no spot TV or other streaming options? It has been brought to our attention that many families DO NOT want their child’s practice streamed into other family’s homes for multiple reasons. We understand and respect this- we have come up with this current viewing policy in response to this request and to still allow parents to have access to their child.

  • We are doing our best to follow as many guidelines and recommendations as we can, within reason and while respecting everyone’s wishes.

Spotting During Class

  • The USAG has asked us to refrain from unnecessary spotting, therefore, we will be spotting if and when your child absolutely cannot learn or understand the concept without physical help, or if your child could get hurt - this extends to "being there" or "standing in".

  • Masks while spotting - Our coaches will reserve the right to remove their mask while spotting if they perceive that spotting with a mask on could cause themselves or your child harm.

  • You are within your rights to ask that we wear a mask to spot your child no matter what the skill. There may be skills, however, that we feel mask wearing would make dangerous for the coaches, and in this case, we will come up with spot-less drills and progressions, but his or her skill progression will be slower.

Practice Procedure and

Risk Mitigation Outline 

  • Coaches will be in masks as much as possible.

  • Children will be asked to wash hands properly after rotation, and should have their own hand sanitizer with them to use at their discretion, or per your family rules.

  • Coaches will clean using Bioesque in between class times.

  • There is time allotted for disinfecting in between each class time.

  • Coaches and cleaners will perform a "detailed" clean at the end of each day.

  • Products that include bleach will not be used during training time, as that can be very dangerous to inhale for long periods of time and especially dangerous to those with asthma or those who have an allergy to bleach.

  • Bleach/harsh products will be used at the completion of each full day.

  • Coaches temperatures will be taken at the start of each work day.

  • If any child complains of feeling sick throughout practice, he/she will be sent home.

Class size/Occupancy/Make-up Policy

  • In the green phase, we have been asked by the governor to operate at 50% occupancy. We are choosing to open at a maximum occupancy of 50%. 

  • All class sizes have been reduced to either 7:1, 6:1, or 4:1.

  • We will be offering make-up times every 2nd Saturday of each month for preschool Ninja, 2nd Friday of each month for Cheer, and every 3rd Saturday of each month for all other classes. Please call the office to schedule (724)772-0055. 

Exiting the Gym Procedure

  • Children will again wash their hands and gather his/her water bottle and hand sanitizer before entering the lobby.

  • Once in the lobby, students may put shoes on and look for his/her parent or guardian.

  • If you are not in the building upon your child’s dismissal from class, we'd like to ask that that you park your vehicle and walk over to the front entrance of the building for pickup.  We feel it will be much safer for our gymnasts if parents meet them right outside the front door upon dismissal instead of having them walk down the sidewalk to the car, especially after dark.

What are the biggest changes you should expect...


  • Coaches may be sitting more often, due to the constant wearing of masks.

  • Coaches will be doing less spotting.

  • Children will have far more accountability in terms of learning, listening , and progression.

  • Your child will have to re-learn skills he or she used to be able to do with ease.

  • All families are to enroll online through the Parent Portal.

  • All staff communication should be by phone or email and cannot be conducted on the gym floor in any capacity.

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