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1st grade - 18 years

2 - 7

Boys Tumble & Tramp Classes:


These classes includes gymnastics training focusing on the fundamentals of the sport for boys.  Attention is given to proper body shapes, correct form, and building strength and flexibility.  Skill training on floor exercise includes emphasis on handsprings, cartwheels, handstands & basic flipping skills. Classes rotate to floor and trampoline. Skills are broken down into small progressions of success building self-confidence. This class is perfect for boys who may be interested in karate, wrestling, soccer or football. This class will prove to be a great building block for all sports.  Tumbling builds core strength, flexibility, and confidence.  These classes are great as an-add on class for all around gymnastics.  


Boy's Tumble & Tramp: For boys first grade and up


Boy's Teen Tumble: For teens and boys ages 11 and up.

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