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Question: What ages are allowed?

Answer: We invite any child who is potty-trained up through Kindergarten to participate.


Question: How much does the stay and play cost?

Answer: Stay and Play costs $9 per hour. 


Question: Does my child have to stay for the entire two hour duration?

Answer: No. You can pick your child up during any point. The cost is rounded up to the next hour. For example: 45 minutes will cost $9, an hour and a half will cost $18.


Question: Do we have to be an X-Cel student to participate?

Answer: No. This program is open to everyone. You will need to fill out a waiver and emergency contact form the first time you use the service. Please be sure to include important medical history and list all allergies. *We do not offer any snacks with Peanuts.


Question: Can we bring a snack?

Answer: Yes. There will be time for a quick snack. We offer snacks at our front office ranging from $0.50-$1.00. If you choose to pack your child a snack, we ask that you refrain from all nut products. Gum and candy are not permitted.


Question: What activities can we expect?

Answer: Each day will be organized in a series of stations planned specifically to be fun and exercise creativity. Stations will include locomotor activities and climbing, trampoline, parachutes, inflatables, crafts, and much more. Please stop in to see our facilities to see the full range of activities that X-Cel has to offer.


Question: What should my child wear?

Answer: Your child can come as they are. However, for their comfort, we recommend no hard or metal hair accessories, and no jewelry. Leggings, shorts or pants are preferrable. We do recommend not to wear dresses unless child has shorts underneath. 


Question: What should my child bring?

Answer: You are welcome to pack a snack or X-Cel will provide a small snack of pretzles, goldfish or animal crackers. Snack time will be around 1:25pm. We ask that each child also bring a water bottle.

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