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  • Pre-School Schedule

    • This is for all preschool classes at our NORTH location (707 Thomson Park Dr.)

    • This includes Bouncing Bugs, Roly Poly, Jitterbugs, SOME Dragonflies, PS Ninja, & Adaptive Classes.

  • NORTH Rec Schedule

    • This is for all recreational classes at our NORTH location

    • This includes Ninja (not PS Ninja), Intro to Back Handspring, SOME Back Handspring, Back Handspring Series, SOME Flip & Twist, all Boys, Homeschool Boys & Girls, & Teen Tumble.

  • MAIN Rec Schedule​

    • This is for all Recreational Classes at our MAIN location (220 Executive Dr.)

    • This includes Girls Levels 1-7, SOME Back Handspring, SOME Flip & Twist, & SOME Dragonfly.

  • CHEER Schedule​

    • Cheer Class Shows are all during normal class time

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Classes Continue Until June 4th, 2022
(except for Monday students - Memorial Day)


Following show week students will be
introduced to next level skills.

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